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Allianz Sigorta

Allianz Turkey, thanks to Promena to ease creation of the requests and order, bid collection, E-auction .in the system Again thanks to this module, we manage our purchasing processes from a single center, create a more effective competitive environment and increase efficiency. We would like to thank Promena team for the module's transition to live and its continuous support.


Nadir Nasuh

Procurement Manager
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We at Aygaz have been managing our purchasing activities electronically for 15 years. 
All steps, from purchase request to opening an order, from the invoice receipt to the stock follow-up, each and every step is carried out using the 3rd version of the procurement system. We have been working with Promena since 2004. At a time when all systems are becoming more and more electronically operated, Promena has undertaken the very important mission to provide a serious, fair, trustworthy and transparent procurement system. This was a particularly critical undertaking to ensure that price structures were maintained in an ethical working environment under and impartial organization as much as possible. The system has changed over time and has been able to add important purchasing modules such as the Purchase Specification Information Infrastructure (RFI) and the Bid Collection (RFQ) modules while keeping up to date with its own dynamics.  
I can safely say that other corporations like ours who had to put all of these steps into practice have had an equally enjoyable experience managing supplier relationships through a single portal. For this reason, we have continued our relatively intense working relationship with Promena team for the past 2 years. We are excited to bring our solution partnership into 2017 with the development of the voluntary pilot of its supplier portal infrastructure.  
We offer our sincerest gratitude for the discipline, sincerity and self-sacrifices we have seen from our friends at Promena, who have supported and cared to the utmost degree about all of our work together. 


Şakir Ayral

Procurement Manager
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Cresta Hotels

The software functions well and has delivered the required value. It also offers excellent reporting and audit trail. Bidders have found the software to be stable and easy to use. The support and training we have received has been adequate and prompt. I therefore have no reservations in recommending Promena to provide online auctioning services. 


Kagiso Matsila

Group Procurement Manager
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Promena software is easy to operate, even for first time users, with its intuitive menu design, visual aids and vast network of suppliers. A supplier new to the system can easily submit proposals in a very short time span. We have had many benefits to our e-bidding process since we have joined the Promena system. The fast and competent support from the sales and technical teams also render Promena rather unique.


Fatih Gencer Procurement & Facility Management Manager
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Ford Otosan

Thanks to Promena, we have the opportunity to finalize our purchasing projects with many participants in a transparent e-Tender environment within 1-2 hours. In general terms, these negotiation processes take weeks.
When we consider the financial benefits of an online competition, Promena offering an excellent on-demand e-Auction Service with an experienced team, has become an integral part of our purchasing process.


Süleyman Serin

Procurement Manager
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GFK Turkey

We are the office of GfK Turkey and as such we sought to identify business partners who could reinforce our high performance culture in the field of quantitative and qualitative research, data collection and processing. As a result, we chose one Promena e-Sourcing system, who works under Koç Holding - one of the foremost holding companies in Turkey. 
We drew a great amount of interest from GfK Global purchasing as we were among the first to implement this method in Turkey. With this e-procurement method we implemented a multi-purpose supplier selection process. Beyond being transparent and fair, we have also identified business partners with whom we can collaborate to increase our competitiveness in the field in line with GfK standards in a reliable and efficient manner. Thank you to the Promena team, with whom we co-managed with this process.


Turabi Dursun

Field Services & Procurement Director
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